In 2017, Jett and Carrie expanded their repertoire to include bison, adding bison heifer calves to the farm at Flat Hollow.¬†Carrie’s interest in bison began years ago when she conducted bison bioacoustics research at the Konza Prairie in the Kansas Flint Hills. Some years later, she began conducting research for Bison Management in Yellowstone, and her interest grew.

Jett and Carrie have spent years educating Yellowstone visitors about bison ecology and management in Yellowstone, where dealing with bison in the backcountry is almost a daily affair. It would be fair to say that bison are the single most common and biggest obstacle that an outfitter encounters on the Yellowstone trail. So imagine Jett’s surprise when Carrie said she wanted to add them to the farm.

After considerable research, they decided to start with a small herd of heifers. Once these initial heifers grew ¬†accustomed to their new home, additional heifers and two bulls were added. The herd is currently at fifty-nine with a final goal of 100 cows and four service bulls. In the short term, this venture will be a cow/calf operation. Eventually, Flat Hollow Farms will offer bison meat in the local restaurants and farmer’s markets in Northwest Arkansas and the surrounding four state area. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

Lounging Bison
Bison with Fall Colors
Hand Fed Bison

Bison Heifers Chasing the Gator for Range Cubes

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