In 2010, Jett and Carrie created an iPhone app for training Yellowstone guides and educating visitors about Yellowstone flora and fauna. The app contained lots of information about ecology and wildlife, and it included very detailed maps of Yellowstone trails, campsites and locations (examples below). Unfortunately, it became obsolete when Apple decided to change the size of the iPhone screen. The new iPhone screen size meant that 4,000+ images would have to be edited. Keeping up with Apple’s demands simply became too costly and time consuming.

One of the features of the app was a simple interface that allowed park visitors to determine the age of bison based on their horns. Much the same way that horses can be aged by their teeth, bison can be aged by their horns. This presentation lacks the sophistication of the iPhone interface, but the general information is still present.

Our iPhone App

Our iPhone app became completely defunct with the introduction of iOS 11. As of October 2017, the app will no longer load. We were sad to have to let it go, but it just wasn’t financially feasible to keep up with Apple’s demands. It placed invaluable interpretation tools right in the palms of our clients and guides. Below are a few screenshots from the app.

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